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Our main end products are custom pieces such as the sills, skirting boards and porches for structural work, the window sills, stairs and countertops for interior.
We work in Belgian Blue Stone, marble and granite. Our end customers are contractors and individuals.

This position is currently filled. If you are a candidate with experience in the same job, you may still apply spontaneously.
You have experience in the finishing of natural stone: dry finishes such as sanding and moulding of thresholds Belgian Blue Stone and/or wet finishes such as polishing of worktops Belgian Bleu Stone, marble and granite.
If you have experience in a construction-related job, we can train you internally to become a fully fledged stonemason.

CNC machine operator
You will be working with the most modern cnc machines. We give you an extensive internal training on the quality of the natural stone and the operation of the machines. Your job is very varied and challenging. You operate an automatic saw line Breton Speedycut 8000 and a five-axis GMM Litox Z1000.
You have a very good knowledge of PC as a user, any knowledge of drawing packages is a plus.

Working at Breccie
In our small KMO you work with motivated and experienced colleagues. We offer a fair salary according to PC Bouw with extra-legal benefits, depending on experience and knowledge. With job security in the long term and you can count on a good balance between work & private life.
Are you looking for a new challenge, are you wroking with natural stone or do you want to switch to the natural stone sector, please contact us for an introductory talk.
Do you have little work experience, but are you motivated and eager to learn new things; who knows, with us you may find the job that suits you best.

Interested? Contact us on 056 64 95 32 between 8h and 18h from Monday to Friday or on Saturday between 9h and 12h or after 19h 0478 478 709.
Send us your details by email to leen@breccie.be